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The secret Isle of Wight

I began the Summer researching last-minute trips to a Greek Island.  The weather was rubbish and I was desperate for some sunshine.  Luckily, that changed, so we turned our thoughts to a few days away somewhere closer to home. We decided to head to The Isle of Wight.  The forecast for the week ahead was amazing (mid twenties) and we live just one hour from the ferry port, so it seemed like an easy trip. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about the Isle of Wight apart from the fact Bestival and Cowes week is held there each year, in my mind it was practically heading abroad, we were crossing water after all. Cornwall seems to get all the holiday fanfares, this Islands appears to be a secret but one that I want to share. I am normally a big researcher when it comes to holidays but we booked a hotel that had some stuff for the kids to do and just rocked up to the ferry. The boys were so excited to get on …

Autumn at Wakehurst Place : The great outdoors with kids

The first thing we saw as we entered Wakehurst Place were hundreds of cyclamen planted under the trees in front of us.  They had been scattered like I’ve only ever seen bluebells or snowdrops and looked breathtaking.  C kept saying how pretty they were and wanted to go over the fence to be in and amongst them.  First chat of the day was about staying off the borders; not only to avoid flowers that we could see but there were signs up saying that bulbs had recently been planted everywhere.

Glamping in Wales with three kids

Glamping; tipis with fur rugs, log burners and wine by the hot tub.  This is what I had imagined before our trip to Wales.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that all these things are possible without three children in tow (plus a grumpy husband who had fallen off some scaffolding and cracked his ribs a few days before).  He wanted to sleep in a tent (madness) but we settled for a “lodge” in The Gower.  We booked through Scamper Holidays and were on a campsite about one mile from Llangennith which is a beautiful sandy beach with some of the best surf in the UK.

Drayton Manor : A day out at Thomasland

The eldest said “choo choo” before he said Mummy; in fact it was practically the only word that he said until he was about 20 months.  I used to take him to Hove train station and we would sit by the railings watching the trains come in and out (a cheap and easy hours entertainment for a sleep deprived Mum).

Sharks, Lego and ice cream. A day trip to Brighton

The eldest got his first school report back in July.  Lets remember that he’s five, it reads something like this; “He is very happy and has lots of friends.”  Anyway, I had been using it as a threat  reward scheme in the run up to the end of term, in the same way that Father Christmas is already being mentioned in this house as the next behavioural incentive scheme.  We had all watched Shark on the BBC a few months ago, it was beautifully shot and showed the wonders of deep sea diving. J currently has his heart set on being a diver when he grows up.

Forest Holidays : Bikes, bugs and hot tubs

This post comes to you through the eyes of my five year old son.  Last Friday was a school insect (inset) day and the five of us set off early in the morning to Blackwood Forest in Hampshire for three nights in a log cabin.  We stopped on the way at Marwell Zoo where we saw lots of amazing animals including rhinos, cheetahs and giraffes.  It was so hot nearly all the animals were asleep and we were abit grumpy too at the end but Mummy and Daddy bought us an ice cream and that cooled us down. When we got to the forest Mummy and Daddy went to get the key to the cabin while we played on the playground by the Forest Retreat.  The slide was really fast and S loved it (even though he kept bumping his head). When we got to our cabin we couldn’t believe how cool it was.  There was a hot tub outside and lots of space inside too for us to run around.  Daddy tried to teach us …

Arundel Castle : A bank holiday siege.

I nearly stayed in bed today, tonsillitis has struck two days before we move house (timing….) but I had promised the boys weeks ago I would take them to Arundel Castle and D needed to pack some boxes.  The sun was shining and the boys were dressed in their knight fancy dress costumes, complete with swords (purchased at the jousting event last year).