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Just keep breathing

I found a short film clip of my father on my computer recently.  In the film, I asked him, “what’s the best advice you could give me for my life?”  He replied, with a smile on his face,”just keep breathing.” Nothing more and nothing less. Now, I know that his number one family value was health, without that we can’t do much else, so it made sense watching him back that in all its simplicity, breathing is the most important thing. Last month, I spent an amazing weekend away at 42 Acres Retreat in Somerset.  The weekend was hosted by Jess, Aimee and Rebecca from Inspiration Space and combined yoga, relaxation and transformational breathing. For those not familiar with transformational breathing, here is a short description for you taken from the Inspiration Space website. Transformational Breath®, is a self-healing technique that helps people to access the full potential of their breathing system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being. The connected pattern of conscious breathing is a natural, safe and easy –to-learn technique, which has proven to …

Preparing for lift off at Camp Bestival

It’s got to the point where I’m not sure who is more excited, me or the kids?  We had already heard about some of the best things to do at Camp Bestival such as go and see Ken Fox’s Wall of Death.  Having watched Guy Martin break a world speed record on TV recently, we are all really excited about this one. Other recommendations are The Dingly Dell (set in woodland you can learn how to make fires, magic wands and other bushcraft) and the Freesports Zone where you can have a go at stunt biking, skateboarding and this year a new penny boarding section (all three boys are crazy about skateboarding and scooting so this will be a must visit, even if only to watch the bigger kids at work.) Each year at Camp Bestival they chose a different theme. Space is the theme for 2016 and boy have the team been busy rounding up some incredible space related activities.  Not only are the National Space Academy offering a wide range of activities such as building …

3 top tips for new landlords

I have been doing more and more writing for companies (which I love).  Recently, I was asked to contribute to a booklet for landlords, sharing my experiences.  I’ve rented out my teeny tiny flat for the last 12 years and here are my top tips for new landlords (or those considering becoming a landlord) whilst retaining your sanity. To make it simple I have used some real life (almost unbelievable) examples of my tenants problems over the years.

Saving my son’s life

We live in a rented bungalow (some of our neighbours call them villas but that is trying to make them sound less seventies and more modern).  Back in November, when I entered the house through the back door, several times the air felt foggy and hurt my head.  I thought that it was potentially due to the tumble dryer running down that end and would open the windows to let in air.