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Farmer Butcher Chef – organic, sustainable food at its very best

Farmer Butcher Chef is a new restaurant, located next to the Goodwood Hotel, just outside Chichester.  Mr P and I were lucky enough to have a rare night away childfree last weekend, we ate, drank and were blown away by the taste sensations presented to us throughout the evening. I have never been to Goodwood before.  Friends have been to revival, others to the races, all of which look like good fun but have seemed out of reach to me with three kids in tow. It turns out that I was wrong.  Goodwood have a playground next to the race track, kids are welcome at revival and love dressing up in their outfits and the festival of speed motor racing is a day out for all ages. There are junior golf camps in the Summer, a family race day and many more activities on offer. This is the first trip of many to Goodwood, next time we will go as a family. The farmer Tim Hassell, butcher John Hearn and chef Darron Bunn all work very …

Camp Bestival research at The Science Museum

Two weeks to go until we head to Dorset for our first ever family festival at Camp Bestival.  I am already beginning to get stuff out for camping (yes, really…blog post to follow with a camping essentials list I have put together with some seriously hardcore campers). We are thinking about outfits because this year the theme is space.  J and I headed to the Science Museum in London to check out their space exhibition. J had never been to the Science Museum, always choosing the draw of the dinosaurs next door in the Natural History Museum.  I was over the moon when we arrived at the Natural History Museum where the queues were at least an hour to get in, it meant that I could pull him away next door into the Science Museum (no queues at all, we walked straight in). I used to love The Science Museum as a kid, we went to London once a year to visit our cousins and would usually take a trip there, I hadn’t been since …

4 Tips for the best park days with kids

I love getting outdoors with the boys.  To be honest, it’s not even a choice as they need to be outside come rain or shine. Over the last six years we have explored many parks around the country; from motorway service stations (M40 Beaconsfield has an amazing outdoor play area with woodlands) to National Trust properties, often with no play equipment but heaps and heaps of space to run free.  Here is a round-up of some tips for things to take with you to make days out relaxed and stress free. Take a change of clothes Chances are the kids will be having loads of fun in the park. Most parks with big enough trees have rope swings, which can mean mucky jumps and time spent landing in the muddy ground. Ditto kids finding puddles (which they obviously can’t walk past without a major splash), mud and roly poly hills (such a simple but fun game, try it again as an adult; it’s just as much fun as when you were a child). Going to the …

What to do for the perfect father’s day

What have you got planned for father’s day this year? A pub lunch, followed by a country walk?  Breakfast in bed with handmade cards?  Maybe nothing quite yet.  Some dads love to celebrate fathers day with a full family day out, others… well quite frankly they want to maximise the one day of the year where their requests are met guilt free and my husband is one of those dads.

Summer ready with Hema

I live one road from the beach. In fact the boys have counted how many steps it is from our front door to the pebbles (225 steps with their little legs).  We are very lucky to live this close to the sea. We have started our beach days already this year (remember that sun that we had…) and have swam in the sea a few times.

Saving my son’s life

We live in a rented bungalow (some of our neighbours call them villas but that is trying to make them sound less seventies and more modern).  Back in November, when I entered the house through the back door, several times the air felt foggy and hurt my head.  I thought that it was potentially due to the tumble dryer running down that end and would open the windows to let in air.  

The Wondercube number 1 Christmas top ten toys for under fives.

What you may ask is a Wondercube?  It’s a toy invented by a mum and inspired by the fun that babies have when pulling wet wipes out of a packet.  Wonder cube inventor, Helen Twigge-Molecey watched one of her children pulling wipe after wipe out of the packet. This process happened again and again; the repetition being the joy. Helen thought about how she could design something that allowed babies to do the same actions, was beautifully made, fun but also educational in some way.