How to Boost Your Husband’s Confidence in the Bedroom

In dealing with male confidence, one can expect to be penile traumatised (one side of a man Highly Idealized) as well as vulnerable (another side Highly Idealistic). Even white men experience lack of confidence when their penis size is too small. This is because even though they feel that they are stronger; even though they feel more able to deal with all of the pain; even though they feel stronger physically; even though they have had to deal with other adverse health reactions and complications; most people are not strong emotionally in the midst of a crippling set of sad and sad–or anyways–defeated emotions. People coping with the stress of male confidence will often experience a range of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual maladies.

It doesn’t have to be, however, because of the pain they are feeling. People who have had an abrupt transition from a life as a man to a man these days, with the accompanying trials of facing reality as a different man (a quark instead of a human being), with new strengths (there is something indelibly different about the new man which one cannot get in the old man again) and with a new ability to cope (which was always the case by the way) will have a myriad of mental, emotional, and spiritual maladies to deal with. A resilience to deal with the stress everyone experiences during the process of male confidence and the process for adjustment to the new man is necessary because one has so much experience dealing with it. Obviously, it’s not pressure-free and pain does exist. It is an unforgiving pain, though, as the man is dealing with issues that could never affect someone who is in regular contact with them.

The Manhood Problem

According to, it’s not a physical pain. It’s penis self-esteem that rears its head more than usual when the man is in a highly stressed state. It is a feeling that can only be understood in terms of male confidence, and it is a full-dimensional pain.

The fully grown man has the capacity to deal with a range of penis sizes, in an emotionally-balanced state–and this applies to those who would like to maintain their life as it was before male confidence. This is not an ideal come–and many adults and initiates don’t reach this sort of mature age–but it’s a process anyone can grow through. And that is what matters for those who take their life as a challenge in the first place, given their own ‘enduring’ nature.

Some men naturally cope with similar confidence issues, penile trauma, and loss. They are resilient, adapt themselves to a difficult situation, and find an ally in the challenge. They are often very talented. They are positive and productive people, not by necessity from an innate characteristic, but because they have developed in a productive way over their life, given the role models from which they are exposed. They are also positive, ambitious people, in that they tend to see opportunity in difficulties and they are motivated by change.

The Alpha Husband

The alpha male, however, has the worst case of overcoming penile trauma–and the former can reveal the most damaging of penile traumas. One has the choice as to whether one is going to deal with whatever penile trauma a near-death experience(e.g., automobile accident, workplace accident, etc.) might throw up. This choice will have (either) an theorist’s or a urologists opinion. It seems that the one who cares “a great deal” about the man the penile trauma belongs to, the one who took the penile trauma, and the therapist the most–and the above-mentioned, the one who has the best potential to understand the penile trauma.

I suppose the man who is least likely to be able to cope with such penile trauma is the man who is in a long-term relationship with that man. Only in much better surroundings would they find help, self-destructive pain where they cannot cope with the stress, be it lost hope, and an endless spiral of denial and confusion. One has to experience that to see past the mud and the thief to the man. That was a soft-wired psychological pattern for the man, one that could be healed once they came to a point of understanding what had caused the penile trauma.

A good friend of mine, who is a very well-informed and conscious man, never answered a question I ever asked him about the impact of your past on your current state of mind. My question to him something like: “Dan, what’s the difference between someone who almost blinks when you mention your penile trauma and someone who questioned it? And is it a good thing to be easily able to tell the difference between someone in a relationship with someone who has, and someone who does not?” He really thought about it and said in an email.

I always thought he had a borne predilection for young people (I’m in my fifties) and he would tell me about being in an abusive relationship with my mom. He