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How to dress like the paparazzi at Camp Bestival

The theme for the tenth Camp Bestival is rock and roll and pop stars.  The boys have a David Bowie outfit each, made up of seriously fun eye masks from Dazzle and Fizz and matching t-shirts that I picked up from the local factory shop for £2 each.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 16.57.02

We decided that with all these rock stars at the festival there needs to be some paparazzi presence.  We have made some cameras for each child and we are going to screen print some t-shirts with press badges attached.

The cameras should be fun for the boys to play with and were very easy to make.  July is no plastic month and we have been trying to encourage the whole family to think about recycling and reusing rather than buying things all the time, so we did not buy anything for our cameras and used what we had.

Here is how to make a camera for the kids to play with.

1. Raid the recycling bin and arts and crafts drawer


2. Get a small box and some black card or paint and cover


3. Stick on a bottle top to make the lens section


4. Cover a loo roll holder with coloured paper (I used wrapping paper) and cut the edges


5. Stick on the lens and add a view finder with paper and tin foil (or similar)


6. Use a straw, coffee cup lid (or cardboard) and something silver (we used a bubble wrap envelope) to make your flash bulb


7. Add some bottle tops to be the buttons at the top and hey presto you have some paparazzi worthy cameras for the festival.

The middle boy has his awesome hat on here and the perfect camera print outfit from The Bonnie Mob



See you there – four days and counting.




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