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The best construction kit for kids

The boys have been picking up tools from an early age. Mr P is a carpenter, we often visit him on jobs and they have been picking up tools from the minute they could walk.

We were offered the opportunity to test the Real Construction deluxe workshop and starter set from Jakks and I knew that the boys would like them. What I didn’t realise was exactly what a huge hit it would be and for all their ages (2,5,6).


The master gave C a few tips to get started


Before long he was experimenting with the saw

The wood-like material cuts just like real wood but feels like firm foam. When you screw the nails in, you can remove them (with the back of the hammer) and it barely leaves a mark, meaning that you can use it again and again.


Not one to follow instructions, he decided to make a chair

Both sets have everything you need to get building, including a small hammer, saw, lots of nails and the wood-like material. There are instructions with ideas for builds, from a boat to a bird house and in the deluxe workshop (for a slightly older age range) more difficult builds, such as a helicopter and digger.


First design and very proud of his chair

Whatever his brothers do, he wants to do too. I was really impressed that S was able to use the saw and also by his hand to eye coordination when using the hammer and nails.


S started off very cautiously


He loved playing with the hammer


Before long he was a master builder and dressed up for the occasion


C built an aeroplane


The eldest made a table to go with one of our mini chairs

What I really love about the sets is that it has sparked off the boys imaginations.  The first day that we used it (and we’ve had it out many times) it was raining outside.  They played with the sets for two whole hours, (a long time for the boys) and then they asked me to get the giant boxes out of the garage and began building slides off the cabin bed and tunnels to slide into, using their tools from the kit.


Play moved on to creating slides coming off the cabin bed and houses out of cardboard

The slide was so much fun, I would have got into it myself had it been bigger.

The JAKKS construction sets would be suitable for girls and boys from 2 to 92. Everyone can get involved with this and it has been one of our best new finds this year.

JAKKS Real construction deluxe workshop set – RRP £24.99

JAKKS Real construction starter set – RRP £9.99


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