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The importance of taking time out

This weekend I was child free for three whole days and nights. This is the first time in six years that I have been at home without the kids. I needed a break, some time to reconnect with the things that I love, time to remind myself about what makes me tick, other than being a mum and having a job.

I deliberately made no plans, I spend my life planning, mealtimes, scheduling new blogs and social media posts for clients and organising the kids timetables, which as they are getting older, are getting longer. Before Mr P went, we dug out my bicycle from the garage.  I last used this before I had the kids.  He was taking the car and it would be my only way to get around. I have loved using my bike and had forgotten how much fun it was to ride.  So much so, that I bought a new one in the sales from my local bike shop. Cheaper than the gym, this is my new way to get fit.

2016-08-29 15.05.34-2

Scabiosa from the new plants that I bought

I also bought some flowers and compost before they left.  I am well-known for not having green fingers, but I love flowers and get so much pleasure from looking at them.  I have planted some Scabiosa and Verve in pots by the front door.  They are looking really pretty and have inspired me to be a little more adventurous with gardening from now on.

Some of the things that I long for when the kids are here are very simple.  I have enjoyed having a bath, without interruption. I’ve got some gorgeous new products that I hadn’t had time to try out. My favourites are Olverum, an aromatic bath oil, made by a family firm with a passion for helping people to unwind and ease muscle tension.  I got this bottle to use after Camp Bestival and it’s nearly all gone. You only need a few drops and the smell radiates around the bathroom. I will be buying this for a few people at Christmas, I haven’t found anything that comes close.

2016-08-27 12.14.30-2

Homedics, Olverum, Elemis, Miller Harris perfume and The Yes Mum card I picked

I have also been using Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Serum.  I have been suffering with pretty bad rosacea and the heat only makes it worse.  This serum claims to smooth your skin and helps to reduce wrinkles and pores.  It certainly does the job and whilst my redness is still there, my skin is looking smoother and feels much softer. I got this from Bath and Unwind, along with Miller Harris Citron perfume, which smells fresh and delicious.  I wore the same perfume for the last ten years and am so predictable, it is lovely trying and wearing a new scent (and must be for those around me too)!

Yesterday I went to the beautiful West Street Loft in Shoreham to try out a Qoya class with my dear friend, Kate.  Kate went out to Costa Rica earlier this year to do her Qoya teacher training and has recently started teaching to friends in this stunning space.  She finishes her qualification in October and is then running an amazing retreat out in Portugal at the end of October. Blush Love looks like it will be incredible. There are still a few spaces left, and take a look at this link for more information.

2016-08-28 14.16.31

West Street Loft – space in Shoreham for yoga, cinema and classes

Drinks overlooking the river with great company followed my Qoya class before I cycled home to read the Sunday papers, swim in the sea and watch the new BBC drama, Victoria (which I loved).

Today, I have been on another bike ride and then I had a long bath (my muscles are a little under used and all this dancing and bike riding has taken its toll).  I then tried out my new Homedics duo Quartz IPL device. This is a home-use device for the permanent reduction of hair growth based on Intense Pulsed Light and Advanced Flourescence technology that is used in salons across the world.  I must admit that I was a tad nervous using it for the first time but it works below the skin’s surface and does not involve any cutting or pulling, so once I got used to the sensation I did it in front of the TV.  A lifetime of no more shaving my legs has been the incentive to try this out, I literally do not have the time at the moment to keep up with shaving my legs! I will keep you posted on the results, but the reviews are excellent, it’s sold in Boots and Argos and they offer a 120 day money back guarantee so it must be really good.

2016-08-27 17.19.47-2

Time out on the beach with a swim and glass of wine

I have been thinking about my love of travelling a lot this weekend.  Before I had kids, Mr P and I travelled alot.  We did a year from Central down to the bottom of South America, skiing in Argentina, surfing the whole way down (him more than me), learning Spanish, visiting the Galapagos Islands and immersing ourselves in the Latin American culture.  We spent a year in Australia and New Zealand and on my own I went to India to study Ayurveda. We surfed in Bali, Portugal and the Canaries, but since having the boys, we have taken the kids abroad only once, for our honeymoon to Martinhal and Portugal and then on to Malaga to stay in a Padre Aviles, a beautiful family friendly accommodation up in the mountains, run by Mr P’s cousins.


The eldest learning to snorkel at Martinhal

I would love to travel more with the kids, I am heading to the Family Travel Show at Olympia in October to see what’s out there for a family of five.  We have also just booked our first ever ski holiday with Mark Warner in February. My friend raves about Mark Warner, she has been five years running skiing with them, so we are really excited. I’m going to write more about my trips abroad, it will give me a good excuse to look back over old photos of our trips and relive them with the kids.  I never got round to printing any out and would like some more up in the home, looking at a photo can take you right back to a place with the smells and sounds.

Our recent holiday to the Isle of Wight was amazing, it proves to me that you don’t have to always go abroad and that sometimes magical places are right on your doorstep (in six years of living in Sussex we have never been to the Isle, it took us two hours door to door). I’m going to write-up our holiday to the Isle of Wight because I feel like it’s a secret place that no-one knows about (although judging by my Instagram account plenty of people do, just not many that I know).

So, the weekend is coming to a close. I am off to cycle to the pub to meet a good friend for early evening drinks.  I won’t leave it so long before I have some time out for me again, it’s the most important thing that I have done in a long time.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.48.53


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