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Secret Mummies Wine Club at Camp Bestival

When you laugh until your stomach muscles are hurting, you know it’s been a good night. In the midst of all the family fun at Camp Bestival I snuck away for an hour on the Saturday night to the Secret Mummies Wine Club in the Literary Tent (leaving Mr P in the sandpit with the three boys).

All that I knew about the night was that wine was involved care of Helen McGinn, an award-winning wine blogger (perfect), the Scummy Mummies would be there (ideal) and Sara Cox (one of the funniest people on the radio) was in town.  Dreamy right?

2016-07-30 21.29.33

This scene is my perfect Saturday night; sofa, wine and people dressed in catsuits.

The show started with a bang.  The Scummy Mummies came out onto the stage and the minute they started talking I understood why everyone loves them so much, their jokes are hilarious and they are both so likeable, dressed in their shiny catsuits (love this about them) and dancing their dances (yep they did a routine and sang). Wine guru, Helen McGinn is an ex supermarket wine buyer, who writes her own blog, Knackered Mums Wine Club, writes for several magazines and appears on the TV chatting all things wine. She is also bloody funny, which was perfect, because the combination of her, the Scummy Mummies and one of my all time favourite DJ’s Sara Cox, made for one of my best evenings in a long time.

2016-07-30 21.17.01

Sara Cox speed dialling Mr Tumble – you had to be there but trust me, you only need to look at Helen’s face to see how funny it was.

To give you some idea of what went on, we tasted some really good wines (the red was a particular favourite, but then so was the rose – you can see what wines we drank over on Helen’s blog), Sara Cox speed dialled Mr Tumble (he was at Camp Bestival ) and some jokes were being made that only those who watch Tumble would appreciate), we discussed spitting and swallowing wine (this made for a good ten minutes of giggles as you can imagine).  You get the picture…

2016-07-30 21.36.54

Loving the gold catsuit that Helen is wearing here.

At the end I went to get my photo taken with Sara Cox.  Now, Sara Cox is the kind of person who I have said to my friends, “if I met her down the pub we would so definitely be mates.”  What happened when I actually met her? I lunged onto the stage asked for a photo (she was very obliging and suggested I added a filter to take the shine off our faces), said thank you and ran off into the night to Fatboy Slim. All the talk I am, when it came to it I froze!

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 17.30.54

Proper girl crush – Sara Cox = very witty and funny

Anyway, what I took from the evening was a good workout for my tummy muscles, adoration for the Scummy Mummies (if you are ever feeling a little down listen to one of their podcasts and I promise you will feel better), even more fan girl for Sara Cox who was so quick witted in real life she had me keeled over laughing, and a new-found favourite wine guru in Helen McGinn (I drink enough wine to need her in my life to teach me more about what I’m consuming).  I raced out of the tent a little bit merry from the wine and into the night to meet Mr P in the Castle Field to watch Fatboy Slim.  I haven’t had a better Saturday night in a long time.

I have just bought The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club book which is really useful (for wine buying tips and info) and very funny too.  I have one extra copy to giveaway. (Competition over on Instagram @madabouttheboys).

Thank you Scummy Mummies, Sara Cox and Helen McGinn and to Camp Bestival for putting on such a fun night.

Early bird tickets are now available for Camp Bestival 2017.  They have a payment plan for as little as £5 per week – you won’t even notice it and it’ll be the best spread payment plan you’ve ever done.


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