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Preparing for lift off at Camp Bestival

It’s got to the point where I’m not sure who is more excited, me or the kids?  We had already heard about some of the best things to do at Camp Bestival such as go and see Ken Fox’s Wall of Death.  Having watched Guy Martin break a world speed record on TV recently, we are all really excited about this one. Other recommendations are The Dingly Dell (set in woodland you can learn how to make fires, magic wands and other bushcraft) and the Freesports Zone where you can have a go at stunt biking, skateboarding and this year a new penny boarding section (all three boys are crazy about skateboarding and scooting so this will be a must visit, even if only to watch the bigger kids at work.)

celestial dreaming

Each year at Camp Bestival they chose a different theme. Space is the theme for 2016 and boy have the team been busy rounding up some incredible space related activities.  Not only are the National Space Academy offering a wide range of activities such as building your own rocket, mission patch badge making, and putting a universal orchestra on the stage for the whole family to enjoy!

There’s also Explorer Dome (an outreach organisation who visit schools) presenting ‘The Wonder of Space’ – an inspiring, family-friendly show produced exclusively for Camp Bestival’s Mission Control.  The shows will all take place in their portable, pop-up planetarium but they are also running rocket workshops and a series of chemistry shows with freezing fog, fire, flashes and bangs.

cb16 spaceman build


Rob Da Bank and his team have just announced that two utterly awesome Giant Astronauts built by Shipshape Arts will be at Camp Bestival. Resplendent in gleaming space suits, and stationed in the Magic Meadow, these super star-sailors stand at an astronomical seven metres tall and will be bathed in their own special cosmic light under starry skies. The kids are going to be totally blown away when they come across these.

There are still a few day tickets left (at the time of writing).  Can I tempt you?


Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.48.53

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