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What to take to a festival with kids?

In less than a week we will be waking up in our tent at Camp Bestival.  Fingers crossed it won’t be the usual time of 5am at the moment with the two year old or we won’t be making many friends on the campsite! I started to get stuff out last week for us to take, there were a lot of gaps in my packing and Amazon Prime was put to use.  I laid everything out to see what we had. The middle boy decided to “give me a hand.”

2016-07-20 16.10.45

Space saving bags from The Camouflage Company fold down flat as a pancake (love the print on these).

We went camping a few months ago for our first time as a family, to test out whether we would actually survive this weekend away.  My lovely old course tutor, Elvira from Digital Mums sent me the most amazing list of things to take camping, it is very useful (I can’t wait to actually meet Elvira at Camp Bestival).  I then read a brilliant article from Ladyland and Mother of All Lists on surviving a festival with kids and camping at festivals with kids.  Both of these posts are so useful I have printed them out to tick off and cross-reference with my existing list.


2016-07-21 14.38.45

So the things that I really want to share to take from here are a tablet or DVD player (for the car journey, not the festival) we have just got an Amazon Fire as I was getting pretty frustrated passing the kids my phone the whole time to watch things in the car and using up all my data.  We can download some educational apps plus a few cartoons to please them all.  Milton sterilizing wipes, our last and only camping trip involved the 4-year-old and a sick bug that lasted the entire weekend.   Ditto wipes, these special packs from Huggies come in bags with little hooks that you can attach to the roof of the tent to grab easily at all times. (I wonder how many times I have asked D where the wipes are in the last 6 years?) I have got seabands for the car, the kids will have no idea what they are but they are supposed to be brilliant for travel sickness and the last thing that we need is a puke situation en route.

2016-07-21 14.41.05


We are taking a Hydro Flask, Camp Bestival is a glass free site, crucial for kids safety but I do love a nice cold glass of wine and the flask will keep my wine cold (they say for 24 hours, so that covers the first day for me) but also my coffee warm in the morning (6 hours keeping things warm).  I’ve got a Juice weekender charging pack- as a Camp Bestival blogger I need this badly.  I won’t be running out of battery and want to share as many fab pics as possible live from the festival site. I also have an Aqua pac to put my phone round my neck and keep it dry (the forecast looks good but I don’t want to be dropping my phone into a pint of Pimms).

2016-07-21 14.39.35

I was so pleased to see from my Camp Bestival advance information that we will all be given name tags for security when we enter the Camp Bestival site on Thursday. I will be double tagging my boys who have a keenness to go and “explore” (run off).  This is my biggest worry about the festival and a top tip from the organisers is to take a photo of each child first thing each day, so if they do wander off the staff can be sent the image and this should quickly help them to identify the child missing. What a brilliant idea. I will also be writing their names and our phone numbers on their arms and covering with a clear band aid.

2016-07-21 14.40.29


I’m packing a little bag of Sanctuary goodies from a perfectly named pack called “explore and let go”that I picked up at their Christmas press day last week.  I am hoping to squeeze in one shower on site and these will be proper treats! The kids have got some gorgeous new PJ’s from The Bright Company.  They are going to bed with not much on in this heat at home but will need something in the tent as it will be alot cooler at night (they have got onesies to pop on top for when it gets really cold).  I picked up these space socks the other day from M&S (I’m space obsessed can’t you tell)! We also have t-shirts from Muklet Kids for the times they don’t want to wear their space outfits. #grubbykneesyesplease

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.41.13.png

We are planning on taking this bad boy to transport the kids around the site.  I was going to invest in a trolley but it seems daft, if we can fit this in the boot then it’s coming with us….. I’m going to test fitting it in this weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.40.41.png

Our lovely friends (who have been going to Camp Bestival for about 6 years have kindly lent us their bell tent, it’s like a house and we are very excited about being able to borrow this for the festival.  We have some bunting from The Glam Camping Company to decorate the outside (to remind us where our tent is) and also some fairy lights from them for inside.

NB. We are taking a carbon monoxide alarm, after our scare in the house before Christmas I take no chances anymore and BBQ fumes etc can waft into tents and cause major issues with carbon monoxide if not careful.

The other thing that we are all taking are bobble bottles. They have a replaceable carbon filter that removes the taste and order of chlorine that makes water taster cleaner and fresher.  This means that we can fill up at all times from taps around the site when need be and not worry about the taste.

So, take a look at the lists from Ladyland and Mother of All Lists, a few extras recommended are lots of bin bags to sit on, duct tape to stick costumes back together etc and Berocca for the morning after the night before.  We are really excited, have zero plans for when we get there other than to explore and see what we come across….. I will be keeping you posted over on Instagram all the way through the festival @madabouttheboys – come and take a look.

For more information on the Camp Bestival line up this year or even a last minute ticket then follow this link.


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