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Camp Bestival research at The Science Museum

Two weeks to go until we head to Dorset for our first ever family festival at Camp Bestival.  I am already beginning to get stuff out for camping (yes, really…blog post to follow with a camping essentials list I have put together with some seriously hardcore campers). We are thinking about outfits because this year the theme is space.  J and I headed to the Science Museum in London to check out their space exhibition.

2016-06-01 14.10.47

J had never been to the Science Museum, always choosing the draw of the dinosaurs next door in the Natural History Museum.  I was over the moon when we arrived at the Natural History Museum where the queues were at least an hour to get in, it meant that I could pull him away next door into the Science Museum (no queues at all, we walked straight in).

2016-06-01 14.12.05

I used to love The Science Museum as a kid, we went to London once a year to visit our cousins and would usually take a trip there, I hadn’t been since I was about 13.  J could not believe it and was blown away when we walked in.

2016-06-01 14.08.01

There were replicas of space rockets, original astronaut suits, rockets and machinery. J was running around from exhibit to exhibit, many of which were interactive and he could get stuck into them.

We bought tickets to see A Beautiful World in the IMAX on site there.  This was amazing, narrated by the actress, Jennifer Lawrence it was filmed from the international space station and shown in 3D, earth from the air.  To get to the IMAX we wondered through several halls of transport, interactive science experiments and lots of other things to do.  We could have spent the entire day there.

2016-06-01 14.09.40

I’m not sure that I will be rocking the white all in one shown here at Camp Bestival, it may look more like a catsuit on me and would not be a good look ,but the boys have been chatting ever since the trip about their astronaut suits.  I would recommend a trip to the Science Museum (free to enter, IMAX was extra) every day of the week, young and old you will love it.

Camp Bestival is going to be incredible – there is so much on, we can’t wait. Tickets are still available from this link >>>>

Keep an eye out for my next Camp Bestival related blog – what to take…..

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