What to do for the perfect father’s day

What have you got planned for father’s day this year? A pub lunch, followed by a country walk?  Breakfast in bed with handmade cards?  Maybe nothing quite yet.  Some dads love to celebrate fathers day with a full family day out, others… well quite frankly they want to maximise the one day of the year where their requests are met guilt free and my husband is one of those dads.

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Sunday morning will involve as long a lie in as he wants, followed by croissants and coffee in bed with the newspapers. Then he can basically do as he wishes all day long, so that may involve fishing, surfing or paddle boarding in his case and without a doubt a trip to the pub. Often the eldest wants to get in on the action and he rarely let’s his daddy go paddle boarding without him now.

We’ve tried lunches out and family days out in the past but more often than not they are a disaster (and that’s not just on father’s day). Meals out involve me ordering before the kids have all sat down and a slight panic until food and drink arrives when all the kids want to do is anything but sit on their chairs.

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Don Draper loves the art of relaxation as a father

On Mothers day, I do pretty much the same as my husband will be doing on father’s day. I love the day to myself without feeling a smidgen of guilt.  This year I went into Brighton and wandered round the Lanes, no set agenda just some time for me.  We got a roast from M&S, no-one had to wash up and I didn’t have to hear my husband banging around the kitchen for two hours whilst I was supposed to be relaxing. Facebook was covered with photos of other mums out with their little broods but for me, it was chill time.

The main thing about Fathers day is to leave it up to them to choose what they want to do, and if that’s watching black and white movies all day in bed or going for a day out with friends then so be it.  Check out this free e-book from SHEilds which I contributed to if you would like some more ideas for Father’s Day.

My eldest was getting a little whiney on Mothers day; asking “when is children’s day?” “364 days of the year is children’s day” I said. This is exactly the reason you should enjoy fathers / mothers day as you see fit and not for your children, they claim every single other day of the year.  Have fun and enjoy the homemade breakfast in bed.

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