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Summer ready with Hema

I live one road from the beach. In fact the boys have counted how many steps it is from our front door to the pebbles (225 steps with their little legs).  We are very lucky to live this close to the sea. We have started our beach days already this year (remember that sun that we had…) and have swam in the sea a few times.

I went to a Hema press event in my role as Mumsnet editor a few months ago. I rarely go to press events mainly due to time away from the family but I made a special trip to this one because I love love love this brand. (See post written 2 years ago about Hema when I claimed it to be the best import since Ikea and recent post on their stationary range).

2016-04-16 11.56.56

A notebook from their stationary range

I visited the Kingston store (this is their UK flagship store) and bumped into an old friend of mine, Selina Lake from interiors styling days (I used to do some styling for Next Home Catalogues). Selina has just had her 7th beautiful book published, Botanical Style (go and check her books out online) she is mega talented, it was lovely seeing her and catching up.  Also at the event was Caroline Rowland, from 91 Magazine.  Caroline has just launched her first paper  version of 91 Magazine and it dropped on my doorstep this week.  She has done an incredible job and the magazine is stunning.

Back to Hema.  I met some of the team and they asked me if I would like to get more involved and become a brand ambassador (they could seen my genuine love of the brand that was equal to theirs).  I practically screamed.  Each month I get to bring you my tops picks from their shops and extensive website.

This month, I’ve selected and road tested beach ready and outdoor items from Hema.

Here they are.

First up is this bubble blowing saxophone (£2).  Probably my favourite purchase of the lot.  The eldest went to a party.  This one cried.  I got the sax out of my secret emergency drawer and hey presto literally hours of fun (I’ve ordered quite a few more of these for the other boys plus last minute presents).

I also chose some spotty melamine plates (£3 each) and bowls and table cloth (£17 and I think that’s a total bargain) for our rather tired looking wooden table and bench in the garden.  We eat outside whenever its sunny and having the table-cloth and plastic plates makes it feel like an al fresco restaurant.


I am having as much fun writing words with these sand shapes (£4 for the entire alphabet) as the boys are in the sandpit.

2016-05-08 12.32.11


The other winner I picked up was this grabber (£6).  C takes it most places with him and recently when we went on a massive walk in Stanmer Park to search for the bluebells he got really busy with it. The walk would have been painful without it, it was something to do and he used it all the time (brilliant for the imagination).

2016-04-25 11.53.53

I bought this party garland (£2.75) not for a party but instead I’ve used it in the littlest ones room above his bed.  He really likes looking at it when he goes to sleep and I love the colour splash on his wall.

2016-04-15 09.42.44

I am not going to be carrying the boys toys, books, or snacks to the beach each day (even though it’s so close) and they each have one of these cool shark rucksacks to carry their bits in (well I bought one and the other two have fought over it, so two more are on order)!

2016-05-09 10.48.41

All of the above items were purchased in the Victoria Station store. It is not a big store by any means but is packed full of gems.  It gets me each and every time I go up to London (which is about once a week at the moment).  They seem to add new stock all the time, so theres always something new to see.

Tell me you’re not heading straight to the HEMA UK website to check this amazing brand out right now…. I hope that you love it as much as I do.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.48.53




ps. I was not paid for this post, although Hema kindly gifted me some of the items to road test.  All opinions are my own and I love each and every product that I selected.



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