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Time to get organised

My “office” is my mums’ old desk in my bedroom at home.  The desk is a beautiful wooden bureau that used to belong to my great grandmother and then my mother, before it came to me.

My mum was a nurse, who rarely had to work from home but she was a keen letter writer and would sit at her desk writing letters to family and friends, as well as our yearly Christmas newsletter (filled with stories of pride of her four children).

I just love sitting down at this desk to work, I know that my Mum would love that I am using her desk to work for my various social media clients, and even more she would love that writing is now part of my job. She would be so proud of me the way that my career is taking off.

2016-03-09 14.17.16

The desk until recently has been an unorganised mess (oops) and I have had a good Spring clean in order to work more efficiently for my clients and myself.  I made a trip to the flagship Hema store in Kingston to stock up on some new stationary.   For those of you who still haven’t heard of Hema check out my previous post from 2014, I adore this shop. I have only used Hema online and visited the Victoria store on my way to and from London, the Kingston store was fantastic, with two floors of design joy.

2016-03-09 12.42.12

My desk is full of little cubby holes and small drawers so I keep all the little things like paper clips and staples tidied well away.  I purchased a weekly desk planner to keep on top of my desk, during the day I flip it open to see what I have going on that week but at night I flip it down and it still looks pretty in my bedroom.

2016-03-09 10.02.35

I bought some awesome neon arrow post its, folders for each project I am working on, a daily to do list pad and spotty note books for each client.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 21.07.17

One of my best finds was this grey and white dotty notebook with clear business card sized holders on the front.  I frequently forget to give my business card out in meetings and I really really love it (my very talented designer friend created it for me), so this gives me a chance to show it off even more!

Hema came up trumps yet again for me, I have now discovered their stationary range and have a new lust list of other things from there, including some of their Easter range.  I picked up this outfit for the boys, its so cute and thing 3 adores wearing it, much to my amusement.

2016-03-05 10.14.38

To take a look at Hema and good luck at not buying something!

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.48.53




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