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Muddy Creatures – Scandinavian kids clothes delivered to your sofa

I first heard about Muddy Creatures at Mother’s Meeting in London in January.  Anja (the founder) was talking about her new business, transporting cool scandinavian kids clothes around the country into the homes of busy parents.  You get to keep what you love and send back the rest (postage is free).

I began following Muddy Creatures on Instagram (@muddycreatures) straight away because this sounded right up my street.  Days after Muddy Creatures launched, I ordered my first box.  I decided to order some clothes for the middle boy as the eldest must have ruined a fair few clothes at his age and we have a shortage of hand me downs.

The website is very user friendly and fun to navigate.  I had to fill in thing 2’s details, his height (that’s how they roll in Scandinavia), age and favourite colours.  The boxes are set up into themes (like Seashells on the Sea Shore) and I chose mine matching to activities that we enjoy (we live on a beach, so the Seashells theme was a no brainer).  The next day, Anja gave me a call to discuss my choices, I requested for her not to include whites and a few other colours because they wash the boy out.  She asked about any special occasions coming up and I let her know that we were going to Cornwall at Easter.

The next day, the box arrived.  No kidding, I was as excited as when ASOS do a drop off.  The box was big and I took it into the lounge to open up.

2016-02-11 12.16.36

When I opened the box everything was packaged so beautifully with a cellophane wrap protecting all the clothes.  Each theme of clothing had been tied up with a piece of string and I almost didn’t want to touch them it was so neat.

2016-02-11 12.22.18

As soon as I opened the individual packages up I quickly knew the items that would no way be going back into the box.  My favourite items were the jumpers with their bold colours and  incredible quality.  I emailed Anja to ask if that brand did adult sizes, I wanted one too (but they don’t sadly).  There were lots of extras, socks, hats, shoes and a few jackets, I could have bought it all.

2016-02-11 12.32.42

When thing 2 came home, he couldn’t believe his new clothes (poor thing mainly gets things 1’s old ones) and immediately put on one of his new jumpers (don’t you just love how bright the spots are on this one).

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 19.34.27

The only downside to this box was that it arrived the same week as the tax bill did.  I would have kept a lot more than I was able to in January.  The things that we did keep have been worn over and over this month.  They’ve washed well, the trousers and jumpers are still like new, the socks have remained in pairs (due to their bright matching stripes), the stripy hat has been worn most days by one of the boys, the base layer thermals nearly everyday (these were thoughtfully added by Anja for our Cornwall trip).

I wish that Muddy Creatures had been around when thing 1 was born 6 years ago.  I used to spend hours trawling websites looking for the super cool Scandinavian designs that simply aren’t readily available here in the UK.  Whilst things have improved slightly for boys on the high street , I still find shopping for the boys a sea of blue with superheroes, transport and sports themed clothes with designs that rarely think outside the cliche blue boy box.  I now know where to go for the boys clothes, I can bulk up from the high street with a few basics but Muddy Creatures is my new go to for ease, design and user experience.  Well done, Anja, I wish that I had come up with the idea, its going to be huge!

Take a look for yourselves : @muddycreatures – Instagram

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.48.53

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