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The Bright Company – My favourite sleep brand

I first discovered The Bright Company (TBC as it’s known for short), like many of my now favourites brands, on Instagram.  I had my eye on a pair of their Mama Jyms for Christmas and was really chuffed when I saw that they were a Sussex company run by a local mum.

I went down to an awesome pop up shop in Brighton before Christmas where TBC were selling their wares, alongside some other brilliant brands, including The Bonnie Mob, Selfish Mother, Smallprint Books and Bambino Goodies (all to be written about in the coming months).  I met the lovely Alienor, who was manning her area the morning that I went to the shop.  Alienor started The Bright Company providing sleepwear and essentials for children aged 0-9. Recently they introduced the range for Mums and Dads as well, at Christmas my Instagram feed was full of whole families in their matching pajamas.

The SS16 collection ‘The Nutty Bees’ features a playful take on a beehive and its busy worker inhabitants. The print features bold graphic shapes and the illustrative style of Sarah Dyer.  Sarah is another local talent, based in Hove she has written and illustrated 10 children’s books (amazing), again, through Instagram I see that she has recently submitted a new book to the printers (weeks after having a new baby)!


I opened my new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, I had also bought a matching pair for my middle boy.  He wears them most nights and in fact wore the top to pre school today with a pair of jeans.  I found mine so comfy that I loafed around in them all over Christmas, the bottoms were like leggings and wearing something with such a gorgeous print made me less guilty for staying in my pjs until lunchtime most days!  I am planning on a purchasing a pair from their new range for my Birthday on Friday (this is when the new range launches), for me it’s all about the simple pleasures in life – clean sheets and cool looking pj’s.

To snap up some of these beauties go and visit The Bright Company  – when you are there check out their kids bedding too.

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