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Making faces! Making mealtimes more fun.

Anything that makes mealtimes less stressful in our house is good news to me.  We have a no toys at the table rule in our house (one of many that are often ignored) and this can make mealtimes very arduous.  Making Faces is a book with 32 tear-out designs that transform children into kings and queens wearing crowns, astronauts wearing bubble helmets and rabbits with floppy ears. Children can choose their own artwork and accessorize the illustrations however they like.

So, what did they choose for their first meal?  J was a straight into the book and chose rock star.  He has just started electric guitar lessons (father and son learning together = seriously funny) and imagines himself as someone from Kings of Leon.  He drew on some hair and spent the entire mealtime laughing and making loud guitar noises.


The C man couldn’t decide which one to pick but eventually settled for a lion.  This was not turning into a quiet mealtime but at least they were sitting down laughing together and  doing something creative while their food cooled down.

2015-09-14 17.07.55

S (17 months) had no interest in the book other than tearing up the pages, so the boys selected one for him and forced him to wear it.  Much amusement for us all but as you can tell by Sam’s face he didn’t find it that funny.

2015-09-14 17.24.39

Making Faces is a joint venture between Jacky Bahbout and Momoko Kudo.  Jacky is the author of several books including Make Art with Your Hands, My Fashion Lookbook and Feet Funny Face.  Momoko is a prize-winning illustrator who trained at Camberwell School of Art in London.  Together they have created a beautiful art pad that can be used at home or is perfect to take for a meal out.  My kids love it and it will be going in my Christmas top ten books list (coming out in November).  We have nearly used all of the sheets up, I think we may just have to get another one.

You can buy this in paperback for £8.95 from Thames and Hudson.  Available now.

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