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Bear and Bear : Design led products online

Have you heard of Bear and Bear?  No, me neither until the other day.  I love this website and this is exactly where I will be heading for the men in my family from now on. This is not because it is a male orientated site but because it is design led and my husband in particular loves beautiful design.  Check out my favourite items plus the multi use of the rug that we took away to the Gower last week :

I have been looking for months for something to hang the kids superhero outfits on.  This is the perfect hanger, it will be ideal for the kids to put all their outfits (well nearly all) on the hooks themselves and its child friendly (they wont be able to headbutt the hooks like out current set up).

Wave hanger

Wave hanger

We took this blanket with us to The Gower last week and I couldn’t believe how much use the kids got out of it.  There wasn’t much sitting time for me because it was a hidey hole, a ghost outfit, a bed, a wind protector and a tent.  The photos demonstrate the rug in use.  The best thing for me is that it is lightweight like a sleeping bag, very very warm and packed away into a small bag.

The Rumpl

C underneath The Rumpl after a sleep

2015-09-04 15.36.14

The best time to visit the Gower is September, we had the beaches to ourselves

The little two played ghosts together and C dragged little S around on the back of the rug.  Many giggles were had.

2015-09-04 15.58.25

These products are on my wish list. The beach canopy is mine, I am so over the pop up tent that doesn’t ever fit back into its bag and blows away on the beach, this is far more stylish.

I love this Summer canopy, I am sick of our beach tent blowing away and the kids knocking it over. I am getting one for the Spring.

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