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Review : Spongebob Squarepants Aqua Art

I was sent these Aquapads a few weeks ago to review and had been waiting for a rainy day. For once in England it hasn’t come, so I used the hottest day of the year to get them out of the activity drawer and get the kids inside from the sun for a while.  My five year old normally turns his nose up and crafts, painting and pretty much anything that involves sitting.  When the boys saw the Spongebob packages on the kitchen table there were many whoops and screams.

Ripping open the packages

Ripping open the packages

The boys were intrigued as to what they had to do.  I was surprised how keen J was to get started.  We had to fill the pippets up with water and then they chose one of their two images, squirted water on it and the colours started to creep through.

2015-07-01 16.12.32J couldn’t believe it “wow mummy, that is so cool” and did both of his pictures.  C (3) got a little bored after his first one (attention spam of a flea) and ran off elsewhere. The activity overall took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  J was so chuffed and ran to get his pictures to show daddy when he got back from work.  There were tears when he saw that the picture had no colour on it.  This was due to the fact that you can use these again and again.  J had already done this activity 3 times and is still enjoying it.

Very proud of his picture

Very proud of his picture

These are available from Asda click here to buy one.

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