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Forest Holidays : Bikes, bugs and hot tubs

This post comes to you through the eyes of my five year old son.  Last Friday was a school insect (inset) day and the five of us set off early in the morning to Blackwood Forest in Hampshire for three nights in a log cabin.  We stopped on the way at Marwell Zoo where we saw lots of amazing animals including rhinos, cheetahs and giraffes.  It was so hot nearly all the animals were asleep and we were abit grumpy too at the end but Mummy and Daddy bought us an ice cream and that cooled us down.

When we got to the forest Mummy and Daddy went to get the key to the cabin while we played on the playground by the Forest Retreat.  The slide was really fast and S loved it (even though he kept bumping his head).

2015-07-04 09.27.04

When we got to our cabin we couldn’t believe how cool it was.  There was a hot tub outside and lots of space inside too for us to run around.  Daddy tried to teach us how to play a game called Jenga that was in the cabin but we had more fun building with it.  The people from the Forest came and delivered pizza and garlic bread to us and we ate it outside before getting into the hot tub.  C and I pretended to be deep sea divers and spent a lot of time in there with our two sticks from the forest that we dived down for.

2015-07-04 10.36.44-2On Saturday we hired some bikes.  I was on the back of a really cool bike thing which attached to Daddy’s bike; it meant we could both pedal and Mummy pulled S and C along in a trailer, they giggled alot. Cycling with Daddy was my favourite thing we did (apart from the hot tub that was my favourite thing, oh and the park ranger thing that was my favourite thing too).  Daddy and I kept going off for bigger bike rides so we could go really  really fast.  On Sunday C (3) kept chasing us and wouldn’t let us go off on our bike ride, so Daddy had to take him back to Mummy.  She was really worried that Daddy was being dangerous with putting C on his shoulders but it was fun to watch. Daddy is going to buy a trailer for C and S so that we can all go on more bikes rides at home.

Mummy was shouting at Daddy to get C down, I don't know why

Mummy was shouting at Daddy to get C down, I don’t know why

After lunch we went to Young Explorers in the woods with David, our park ranger.  He knew all about the woods and was very excited to have lots of children to find bugs for him to look at.  He gave us all bug catchers with magnifying glasses on the top, I caught the biggest centipede ever and some slugs and spiders.  Mummy didn’t like the slugs very much. We found lots of skeletons that belonged to old animals; it was really cool to see what their bones looked like.

David the ranger looking for slowworms.

David the ranger looking for slowworms.

We did some bark rubbing with a crayon and piece of paper and I learnt the names of 4 different types of trees. C and S were more interested in the sticks and digging holes in the soil but they were happy. When I am bigger I want to do the night vision walk through the forest with the park ranger; that would be very cool.


We didn’t take any toys to the forest because Mummy said she wanted us to have a break from superheroes and diggers.  We forgot about our toys when we were there as there were so many cool sticks to play with.  Mummy and Daddy forgot all about their iPhones too; once they realised they would have to drive outside the forest to find good reception.  They played with us a lot more than at home and we all read lots of books that we borrowed for the library.  They said that they really liked not having their phones because they could relax and drink wine in the hot tub with us playing. Mummy said that we are all spending too much time on computers and phones now; it made her very happy to see us running free.  We even did a play for Mummy and Daddy on Sunday night about pirates in our cabin; they loved it.

We would like to live here

We would like to live here

We were lucky that it didn’t take long to get home to Sussex and we stopped at Hayling Island for lunch at a pub.  The fields by the pub were great to hide in.

2015-07-06 12.40.39


We want to go back to the Forest again soon, maybe we will try a different location.  There are nine in total around the UK.  Mummy told me that there is one in Sherwood Forest. where Robin Hood is from, I really really want to go to that one, so we can act out Robin Hood games in the woods.

For more information about Forest Holidays visit their website

All views above belong to five year old J and 3 year old C.  Forest Holidays kindly provided our accommodation during our weekend stay.


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