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Seed and Bean Chocolate review and giveaway

A chocolate review, this is like a dream come true for me.  Those who know me will be familiar with my love of chocolate.  Seed and Bean sent over four bars for me to taste (tough job I have) and the flavours were ones that I had never tasted.

2015-06-05 14.29.10I’ll admit I was not very excited by the flavours.  I am more of a milk chocolate in a bar kinda girl than a flavoured extra dark chocolate one.  I have tried to love dark chocolate in the past as I know one or two chunks is much better (and apparently good for you) than a whole bar of milk chocolate.  I’ve never really been that into it.

This was a whole new experience. I loved the tastes.  I managed to have only a couple of chunks per night (normally my willpower is useless).  My absolute favourite and one I will be ordering more of was the Cornish Sea Salt.  It was divine.

The Organic Seed & Bean Company was founded in June 2005 by a guy called Stephen Rudkin with the idea to create an ethical range of confectionery always Organic using small scale suppliers and being brave with flavours rarely tasted in confectionery.  As the UK’s only 100% ethically accredited chocolate company the chocolate is made in small batches in Northampton and Stephen spends hours beforehand blending different flavours to ensure he has the perfect tastes.  Seed and Bean are headed to Glastonbury this weekend; they are the official chocolate  partner for the third year running.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 20.06.25

Glastonbury’s Commercial Director said: “Glastonbury Festival works to promote good environmental and ethical practice as much as possible. Seed & Bean attracted us with its ethical credentials and delicious flavours. It’s also a small scale British company – the type we would like to support. We felt they, like ourselves, offered a unique experience and at the same time tried as much as possible to take care of the environment”.

So if you can’t make it to the festival then why not enter our competition to win a gift pack of four bars?  Simply send me an email saying in no more than two sentences what you love about eating chocolate and answers will be selected randomly on Sunday (final festival day).


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