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Review : My first JCB; mini toys for my boys

When I had a boy; I never planned on buying diggers and trains.  I am no feminist and certainly don’t that think dinosaurs are just for boys (I heard one mum say this outside the school gates during dinosaur week) and pink is for girls.  The eldest couldn’t speak much until he was about 20 months (glue ear) but he could say two things “dadadadada” (of course not mama) and “choo choo”.  Thats all he would say all day ” choo choo”.  I never pushed him in that direction; it just happened.  His love of diggers, tractors, trains and cars began early and he is still keen now (aged 5).


JCB offered to send us some of their new mini diggers to review.  I jumped at the chance, knowing that the boys would most probably love them.  The main thing that I look for when I buy toys now (to avoid arguments) is three of the same thing and something that covers the different age groups (15 months to five) whilst challenging them all .


We have just moved to the beach and everyday after school I am taking the boys down there to burn off some energy and avoid the last few hours at home (when meltdown sets it and arguments amongst them are at their worst).  When the boys opened the packet they literally screeched with joy and grabbed a digger for themselves.  We were sent some bathtoys (which have been used on the beach and in the paddling pool recently) and some other My First JCB which can be used to scoop up stones (or sand or playdoh) and a bulldozer.

All three boys like these toys (phew), S (the baby) loves sucking and chewing his ones and the elder two love acting out building role play with their diggers.


JCB sell these “My first JCB Bath Squirter” toys and “Mini dump trucks” on Amazon and at Argos.  We were sent these toys for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are entirely my own and I only review items that I think that the children will like.

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