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Review and Competition : Boj CBeebies DVD

There are days when as a mum I wonder quite how I am going to juggle things.  We moved house last week and anyone who was done this with three young children will know that packing is not an easy task.  I pack the boxes, the one year old empties the boxes.  I build the boxes, the boys turn the boxes into castles, dens, and hideouts.  Pop tonsillitis into the mix and things get about ten times more difficult.

My mother in law came down to watch the one year old for the day, so I could pack some boxes.  He wasn’t well at all (S was the first one with tonsillitis; since then all bar one other in the family went down with it) and just wanted to be cuddled (by me of course).  I was getting nothing done fast and feeling pretty frustrated when the postman delivered a parcel containing a Boj DVD.

Our playroom always looks like we have been burgled

Our playroom always looks like we have been burgled

I only ever agree to review things that I think the kids or I would like as I have no interest in spending my time moaning but you never quite know about a product until you see it.S (who is 14 months) doesn’t really watch TV.  He is more interested in knocking over anything in sight and emptying the kitchen cupboards.  I put Boj on straight away praying that I could put him down for a few minutes and he only went and loved it.

S loves his Ikea armchair so much

S loves his Ikea armchair so much

I tend not to watch TV programmes with the kids.  The whole point for me is to get stuff done when they are watching TV and I know Cbeebies is going to have suitable programming for all of their different ages (although my five year old is beginning to find some of it a little young).  I did sit down and watch this with S, for the purpose of this review.

Boj was the brainchild of Sussex mum, Clare Underwood who moved to Lewes from London.  She watched her own daughter develop relationships in her local park and came up with the idea for Boj.  Clare chose a bilby (an endangered bandicoot from the Australian outback) for her central character, Boj.  Each episode sees him finding a solution to a dilemma or situation with one of his totally inspired “Boj-a-boom ideas.” The cartoon is very cute to watch (I find several of the kids programmes irritating beyond belief) and when the elder two boys came home from school they sat down to watch it too. All three boys love the DVD and I’m over the moon to have found something that a one year old and five year old can enjoy together (not an easy task).Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 14.09.06 Boj is watched regularly by over half a million viewers on CBeebies.  The DVD that we were sent features 10 episodes, including the title episode “Blast Off Buddies” where Boj tries to fix his friend Gavin’s broken toy rocket and fly it to the moon! We have one Boj DVD up for grabs (with colouring in sheets and theme tune karaoke music video)!  Simply share our post and tag one friend in who you think would love to win the Boj DVD.  Winner announced 12th June.   Fear not if you do not win the competition, Boj is available in Sainsburys, Asda and Amazon.

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