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I love my Smalls

I am officially cold now when I go out.  Today was sunny but I still had to wrap up.  The children are a different story.  The three year old has decided that he doesn’t want to wear a coat and it’s not good timing.  I’ve done screams in the nursery car park, tantrums on the floor of the multi story but it rarely makes any difference and no sooner is it on then its off.

Why choose merino wool?

We are all about merino wool in our house.  I have previously bought from POP (Polarn o Pyret) but it hasn’t washed well at all and bobbles after a few months.  I can’t afford to be buying the kids merino new every year and have been looking for something better.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 20.22.17

Who are Smalls?

Smalls was set up by Catriona (Cat) Pharo and Emma-Jane (EJ) Adam, two New Zealand friends who, over the last fifteen years, have set up homes and families in the UK.  I know Cat from working in London years ago and happened to spot her products on Facebook through a mutual friends page.  I am always one for supporting a friends business and thought I would try some long and short sleeved vests back in December.

What did I love about Smalls?

I can honestly say that they are way better than POP (I have waited to write this post due to seeing how they wash).  They were softer on arrival and after being worn daily (and often at night) by the boys they look as though they are still new.

Cat and EJ say this about Smalls :

“Between us, we have six kids aged between four and ten. When our kids were babies, their generous New Zealand grandparents sent them lots of woolly goodies from our Homeland. It was during this time that we realised the magical powers of merino wool. Wrapped up snug in merino, our kids stayed warm in the cold British winters and cool in summer or indoors, they didn’t get as over-heated as they did in cotton or polyester. On top of this, the merino was so comfortable to wear that as soon as the kids were old enough to speak, they made it clear that they didn’t want to wear anything else.

However, there was a problem, there weren’t many merino garments made for older kids. And those that we did find were generally pretty ugly. We hatched a plan to make our own, and so Smalls was born.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 20.23.48

The countless benefits of Smalls’ superfine merino include:

Easy-care, machine washable wool, which gets better with every wash

Breathable like a second skin, merino responds to changes in body temperature, helping keep little ones warm in winter and cool in summer

100% natural, supersoft Smalls are irritation-free and don’t have any itchy labels

Sustainable fashion, Smalls eco-friendly vests are made to last so they can be handed down

I am planning on buying some more already as I can’t wash them quickly enough.  I think that they will be good year round.  Dan has been asking for an adult range (I have asked and they may consider a small line….. fingers crossed) and I would love some too.  J thinks they are really cool as they came in a canvas bag with a postcard of a boy in snowboarding gear and a cool sheep keyring.

Thanks for reading, if you would like to check out  Smalls then head to their website.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 10.48.53

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