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Questions asked by a four year old?

On the drive home through Brighton today J started asking questions.  The other two were both asleep in the back and it was a peaceful time after the mayhem of a visit to Father Christmas in a cold barn, near Lewes.  I was looking forward to listening to the radio and some adult chat….

J : Mummy, why are people sleeping on the pavements?

Me : They do not have homes to live in at the moment.


J : I think that we should ask some of them to come and sleep in our house.

Me : That’s a nice idea J but I am not sure how we would choose which people to invite.  How about we get together some blankets and old warm hats and give them to a few people on Christmas Eve?

J : Sounds like a good idea.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 19.36.47

An average four year old child asks around 390 questions a day.  The most popular questions are : “Why is water wet?”, “Where does the sky end?”, “What are the shadows made of?”, “Why is the sky blue?” and “How do fish breathe underwater?”  The number of questions reduce with age, but they get more difficult in their subject with 82% of parents having to get help with the answers. (source : Littlewoods survey 2013).

Today in the car the questions continued to flow :

“How do we make glass, is it with ice and water?” – Me : “No, its with heat and liquid, let’s watch a You Tube video later shall we?”

“How do we make tools?”  – Me : “We use tools to make tools.” J : “But what about when there were no tools?” – Me : “Stones and wood.”

“Why is the sky blue and when did it get here?” – Me : “It’s always been here.” (not a great answer but it was sufficient).

“How big is the earth that we live on, in size?” – Me : “Google, will have the answer later.”

I love the fact that J has such an inquisitive mind, but also counted my lucky stars that we are in the day of the internet when we can look up things together and not look quite so clueless to our children (that’s maybe just me though)!

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I'm a mum to 3 boys under five who loves nothing more than a good coffee and a book, the kids however have other ideas. My blog is about my life with three loud and energetic kids; where we go and what we love.

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