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The Talented Ladies Club: inspiration and advice for working, freelance and business mums

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I have been struggling to write a post since my wedding, three weeks ago.  Dad is very ill and my time has been spent driving up and down to Cheshire and sitting in various hospital wards learning many things about the human body.  I feel that blog topics such as NHS hospital wards, MRSA and amputation may have put my readers to sleep (or made them feel sick).

Tonight, I tried to put on my happy face and headed into Brighton for one of Up Coaching’s brilliant monthly inspirational talks at Artists Residence (I love this place) in Regency Square.

On the way I was feeling pretty anxious.  I am finding it hard to be positive at the moment and I always get nervous meeting new people at the best of times.  The topic was “change” and it was just what I needed.

The Talented Ladies Club was set up by two very lovely (and extremely talented) ladies, Kary and Hannah.  Both girls have a wealth of experience in design and copywriting amongst other things.  I had a sneak peek at their website last night and cannot believe I have not come across this before.

Here is an extract from their homepage.

Every day on the site you’ll find:

Practical help
Get expert help to find a flexible job, go freelance or start a business.

Inspiring stories
Find out how mums just like you have made their own career or business dreams happen, and follow in their footsteps!

Invaluable knowledge
Learn about marketing, SEO, social media, networking, psychology, CV writing, job hunting and more, and put your new-found knowledge into practice.

This is exactly what I have been looking for.  I am at the crossroads of deciding where to go next, how to launch my screen printed children’s line and gain more work as a freelance writer. (I have done my first pitch article this week and have my fingers crossed that it may lead to further paid work).  I am putting myself out there again and it’s scary.  I need my hand holding and some serious guidance with my next steps.  The Talented Ladies Club is launching a membership section next week that includes video workshops on Twitter, SEO optimisation, starting a new business and tons of other useful subjects for new business start-ups.

I wanted to write a little more about the content on The Talented Ladies Club but to be honest there are so many amazing sections and different articles I suggest that you simply take a look for yourselves.  This is so much fresher than anything I have seen written for mum’s in a long time.  The few articles that I read last night were How NOT To dress like a mum (my god I need this help post baby number three), Three fashion crimes to avoid when you’re over 40 (not applicable to me yet but it’s getting close), How can I prepare my child for their first day at school (I wish I had followed their website back in September), How can I leave work on time and still seem committed and What “health” foods will help my child fight off Winter bugs?

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 22.49.51

Hannah gave a fabulous talk about change. I have come away more positive, motivated and reminded that even when change is totally out of your control it can make you stronger.  There is always a positive in every situation. I have signed up to the mailing list and will be joining their membership scheme next week.  There are plenty of articles to keep me busy until then. Check it out, now.

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