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Planning a wedding in a month

Nervous and excited

Nervous and excited

A month ago I realised that my dad wasn’t going to be well enough to make it to our wedding at Pangdean Barn next March.  I really wanted to do something with him before then but was not sure how or what to do.  D suggested we went up north to do the registry office bit (we are having a Humanist ceremony in March and were going to slope off to the town hall a week before to do the registry bit).

The venue was relatively easy to find.  Somewhere that didn’t charge silly wedding prices for the room (most were above £1000) and was informal but pretty.  Macclesfield town hall was never an option and we ended up at the Bells Of Peover, a pretty pub down a cobbled lane in Lower Peover, Cheshire. We then booked a registrar (who was so so lovely) and had to go to our local town hall in Worthing to do the bands of marriage (Dan forgot my date of birth and middle name in the separate room questioning)!

Waiting outside with my brothers and sister

Waiting outside with my brothers and sis, my dream team

Dad had been in hospital 5 days before the wedding and I hadn’t believed that it would actually go ahead until the day before.  I went shopping in Brighton and got some gorgeous red shoes, the staff in Office gave me a good discount when I told them what I was buying them for.  No-one could believe I was shopping for accessories the day before my wedding, I explained it was rather a last minute affair.

The night before we packed the car and set off up north to my sisters house.  The morning was mental (5 toddlers in the house).  Once everyone had set off to the venue I was left with my brother and brother in law who drove me to the pub.  We had to turn back for my bouquet (note to self utilise my bridesmaids in March) and arrived at the venue as the sun came out (forecast was torrential rain).  I also forgot the reading, but that was solved later.

Wedding selfie with my bro

Wedding selfie with my bro

After a wait inside for my dad to be ready he walked me down the aisle (well wheelchair but it was perfect).   Everyone cheered and my dad punched into the air (relief that his final child is married off I presume)!  The music on D’s phone didn’t work, so the brother in law stepped in with some classical stuff. I walked down the aisle to the theme song from Platoon when everyone is getting shot, hilarious and oh so random (the first opportunity I got I asked them to turn it off).  Our registrar was so relaxed and informal, J was the ring bearer and took his job very seriously.  When he fumbled to get the rings out of his jacket the registrar offered to help him “I can do it” he said.

The ring bearer looking out to his audience

The ring bearer looking out to his audience

D’s aunt stepped in to do a reading that the registrar provided at the last minute and did a great job (Dinosaurs by Edward Monkton). We had a few photos, some champagne and a meal together before Dad went home tired but happy.

Happy memories

Happy memories

We then all went back to my sisters for cake and champagne which continued into the evening.

The boys were very involved in the cake

The boys were very involved in the cake

The day was perfect, there were only 12 adults and 5 kids and a very special memory for us all with my dad after a year of ill health and worry.  He was surrounded by his four children who adore him and I had my dad give me away at my wedding.  A few people (including myself) thought that it was a slightly random / strange thing to do as the day drew closer but I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it and it will stay with me forever.  This was a family affair and everyone worked so hard for us to have a wedding weekend we would never forget (including having the 3 boys so we could slip out to the pub on our wedding night and miss the pre bedtime witching hour). It was a brilliant rehearsal for March (we were sooooo unorganised) and my dads best day of the year.


Mr and Mrs Peers


  1. Nicola Birchenall says

    Sounds like your day was full of fun, laughter and completly hectic. Family day to remember always and you look amazig! It’s always the last minute plans that stick in your memory as the best. Loads of love and congratulations to you and Dan xxx


  2. Wendy q says

    what a lovely story and happy ending for two wonderful people. Very many congratulations wendy and Dave xx


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