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The wedding bootcamp commences….

Six months until the big wedding.  My diet currently consists of missed meals, lots of coffee, red wine, snacks grabbed while I’m out, cake and two minute pasta tortellini.  My baby has been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks now and I’m ready to go into battle losing the baby weight I’ve collected from the three babies. I refuse to be sitting here in ten years time using my three babies as an excuse for me extra weight.  I do not want my bingo wings flapping as I walk down the aisle.

A few less cakes from now on

             A few less cakes from now on

I travelled to Whiteley, Fareham in Hampshire to meet with Sue Peckham from http://www.easyloss.co.uk to discuss her wedding weightloss programme.  Sue is a lovely straight talking, no nonsense lady and who has a positive approach to weightloss.  She developed easy loss when she herself wanted to lose weight, it has worked for her and she is a walking advertisement for the different programmes she runs.

So, what do I have to do?  It’s simple really.  I have to follow four basic steps to help change the way that I think about food and listen to a weightloss app each night.

Eva Mendes - serious wedding inspiration

Eva Mendes – serious wedding inspiration

I’ve done my weigh in, tonight I’m measuring my bingo wings, thunder thighs and tyre waist before listening to the app for the first time.

I must follow one of Sue’s mantra DFU = don’t fuck up, this is a good mantra for me as I can be pretty slack.  I tried Weightwatchers after baby one (I lost half a stone rewarded myself with cake and gave up counting the bloody points), ran a marathon after baby 2 (thought that I needed to eat tons more carbs than I did and didn’t lose much weight) and so far have been stuck at the same weight for the last two months since I stopped breastfeeding.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 20.48.50

Wish me luck, I’ll be reporting back on this regularly over the next six months. I’ve got a good feeling this time. No calorie counting, no points to work out, no meetings to attend in the cold winter evenings just a change of mindset to accomplish.   I totally believe in Sue, she’s so motivating and I want to look and feel amazing on the 28th March 2015.

http://www.hantshypno.co.uk (Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre website)


  1. It was a great pleasure to meet you today Kate. Enjoy your weight loss journey with us. Don’t forget to send me loads of photos of you in your fabulous wedding dress!


  2. congratulations on your wedding!
    1stly, how seriously gorgeous is eva mendes! 2ndly, goodluck on your journey, I’d love to follow along and make you could follow my journey too 🙂 I’m also doing a challenge to all my blogging friends to post a photo of themselves at any stage or life that they loved and say why, it might be because of size, shape, tone, what you wore or who was with you! Then tag your post with the word pblogdotco so that you can see everyone else’s posts. The idea is that we all look at fitspiration posts but in reality we will still be us. Learn to love how your body changes while you work on it.


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