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The Gratitude Journals at Artist Residence, Brighton

Emily from The Gratitude Journals came to Brighton on  Wednesday evening to give a talk on her website and all that it involves.  The talk was organised by Kate Taylor, a very successful life coach from Brighton who decided to set up monthly events for people who want to make positive changes in their lives.  Speakers range from authors to bloggers, tarot readers, to fashion designers, it’s a fab group in a stunning setting. Kate will be doing several talks herself in the future using her coaching skills to help improve peoples lives.

I have never been to Artist Residence before and was very pleasantly surprised. I felt like I was walking into my dream house, the interiors here are fabulous and it has a boutique hotel feel, yet you can also pop in for a coffee anytime.

The Cocktail Shack

The Cocktail Shack

After a glass of wine and meeting the other people we headed downstairs in a cute little meeting room with astroturf grass (random but it worked).

Emily introduced herself and told us about her inspiration for setting up The Gratitude Journals. She used to walk one hour each way to work and used that time to think. She noticed things around her and felt grateful for her legs that took her to work, the trees that she admired on route and the smiles on peoples faces. In one weekend Emily set up her website (by day she is a talented designer) and by the following week she had people posting about what they were grateful for.

Gratitude Journals

Gratitude Journals

People have posted about many different things that they are grateful for on that day, from the air that we breathe and the abundance of food we have available to friends, families and a home to live in.  I really love reading through the Gratitude Journals and seeing what others are writing about.

Emily made us all write down what we were grateful for on Wednesday. I struggled to think of anything to start with but it didn’t take long to think and then I realised that my day had been pretty bloody amazing.

1. I am grateful that Cody didn’t have a tantrum today because my stress levels remained low.
2. I am grateful that my dad is okay today and not too ill.
3. I am grateful that my tonsillitis has buggered off.
4. I am grateful for my new jumper that I am wearing tonight, I feel confident and happy.

Okay, so it’s not rocket science is it but how often do we actually remember to do this and also to look at the small things we are thankful for that day, not necessarily groundbreaking stuff.

Friday night (48 hours later) and Cody had been hard work that day, my dad was in hospital with an infection and my tonsillitis was back. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I sat in bed and wrote down the things that I was grateful for that day, it lifted my mood and thoughts. Emily gave us several tools to take away to help to remind us to be grateful each day and project positive thoughts for things that could go well in the day ahead. She is a definite booster and I left feeling light, happy and grateful. An evening with interesting people, a positive talk in a very cool setting, my perfect night.

The next talk arranged by Up Coaching is taking place as shown below :

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 20.38.06

Making Positive Changes: Brighton

Brighton, GB
710 Positive changers

This group celebrates and encourages those who want to live their best life. Life is short right? So we should live it to the full. That means getting out of it everything tha…

Next Meetup

2016 Your Year of Living Creatively with Kate Taylor

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016, 7:00 PM
1 Attending

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  1. kateupcoach says

    Great write up Kate. I’ve been religiously keeping up with mine. Anytime I’m feeling fed up, it’s a great way to change state.

    I love thanking the day for setting positive intentions.

    I’m looking forward to welcoming people to any future talks at the wonderful Artist Residence.

    Kate x


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