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10 things I miss about Sundays before kids

I miss lots of things from life before kids but Sunday is the day that I think about a lot, especially when I just want to read the paper. We all need a little down time at least once a week.

Here are my top ten things I miss.

1. Sleeping in until past midday

2. Waking up on my own accord without a foot in my face

3. Breakfast in bed

4. Movies in bed

5. Roast dinner with a glass/ bottleof red in a nice pub followed by dancing in London

6. Reading the papers from cover to cover in front of a roaring fire

7. Going for a short walk ( I don’t do long ones), then a long lazy lunch

8. Chilling out

9. Coping with a hangover from the night before

10. Having no plans all day and just relaxing

Oh well, better put the kids to bed……….. Until next time.

Dreamy Sunday set up

Dreamy Sunday set up

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