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Waitrose actually give a damn about screaming babies

When Jack was a baby he was sick all over himself, the trolley and me in a huge Tesco near where we live whilst we were queuing up for the checkout. He was screaming and screaming.  Not one member of staff offered to help and when I got close to the checkout they closed it for the member of staff to go on her break.  I have never taken the kids back there in 4 years.  The thing that pissed me off the most was seeing the staff stood around chatting, surely one of them had some empathy.

Even Harper Beckham can't help puking on the go

Every mum experiences the unexpected

I generally avoid the supermarket with the kids and shop online or by myself in the evening but today I had no option.  I was out with Cody and Sam at the park.  Sam started screaming and his cheeks turned bright red, the teeth were starting to hurt.  I was totally unprepared as Sam only started teething today so we jumped in the car and went to Waitrose round the corner to stock up on some meds. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 14.33.37

I put a few teething granules and some Bonjela into his mouth which quietened him for about 1 minute before the screaming started again and I searched the baby aisle for a bottle and some milk to calm him down.  

At this point a member of staff came over to see if I was okay.  Clearly I wasn’t and the noise was deafening. I explained the situation and she said the only bottles they sold were SMA preprepared bottles with the milk already in.  Due to Sams reflux I can’t give him SMA and straight away the lady took one of the bottles out of the box and weent to the kitchen. She poured away the SMA, sterilised the bottle, filled it with HIPP Organic and came back with a chair for me to feed Sam in the middle of the supermarket.  She voided the cost of the bottles and gave me the rest of the box in case I wanted them for another emergency.

Post Calpol and milk

Post Calpol and milk

This stopped Sam crying, me from starting to cry and generally made my day a whole lot better. What a difference being a shareholder makes to the staff, they always go above and beyond to help.

NB.  This post is not sponsored by Waitrose!

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