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Sandcastle inspiration in Brighton

“I promise it’ll be fun” I say to the four year old as the rain lashed down and he was shivering on Brighton seafront.  I hadn’t checked the weather and he was dressed in shorts, a tshirt and the Power Ranger costume I’d just picked up from the charity shop.


I’d hoped to go to the sculpture exhibition last year but never got round to it.

My first impressions were not the best.

The front door

The entrance didn’t look great

Granted the sky was black and there was a howling gale but the wooden boards surrounding the exhibition made it look like a building site and the best thing about it was the graffiti which brightened up the whole look.

We got into the warmth of the cafe and I ordered a cappuccino and jack chose some crisps. At the till the girl informed us it was cash only, I had none. Bollocks, another exit and walk in the rain. She took pity on us and let me take my coffee for the walk to the cashpoint and pay when I got back.  

We walked down the underpass to the Asda, Jack was so happy. He’s been asking for months to go “under the road” and a bucket list goal was ticked for him.

the walk to the underpass

the walk to the underpass

 Tian Tan Buddha : China

Tian Tan Buddha : China

Jack and I were the only two people brave / stupid enough to be out in the rain and we had the exhibition to ourselves.  

The theme this year was “around the world”.  The sculptors travel around the world creating these amazing “sandcastles”.

The Tower of Pisa : Italy

The Tower of Pisa : Italy

Jack had no idea about the Tower of Pisa and was more interested in his box of Pringles.  

He then raced around the exhibition at the speed of light particularly loving the animals.

 Jack loved the elephant

Jack loved the elephant

The sculptures are made only of sand and water.  The sand grains have to be sharp edged.  This structure helps it all click together when mixed with water.  The sculptors use wooden frames when building to keep it all in place and then remove them at the end.  They really were impressive.

Jack got to the end in about 5 minutes and then set to work on his own sculpture following a picture on the wall of a cat.

This is what is should have looked like :

How it should look when you follow the steps

How it should look when you follow the steps

This is how Jacks turned out, he was very proud.

I love the fact that he used his sculpting knives as ears

I love the fact that he used his sculpting knives as ears

So, would I recommend this to others.  Yes I would if you are in Brighton and have a spare hour on the seafront.  The sculptures really were impressive but the setting and surrounding fencing could have been better. I loved the giant sandpit at the end and the step by step instructions to make your own sculptures.  Inside the cafe there was an option to buy a sticky picture for a couple of pounds and pour coloured sand into each section.  Jack really enjoyed this and has stuck it on his bedroom wall.

Now for our Summer holiday to Cornwall next week where Jack wants to try to make some giant sand sculptures. At least it’ll keep us all busy.

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I'm a mum to 3 boys under five who loves nothing more than a good coffee and a book, the kids however have other ideas. My blog is about my life with three loud and energetic kids; where we go and what we love.

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