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Living with a superhero

Jack is obsessed with dressing up.

Some days we have up to 3 costume changes.


We go to the shops in character. He plays football in his hulk costume.


We have days when he only answers to “master Bruce” (also known as Batman).

When Jack is Peter Parker (Spiderman) I become Aunt May.

I’m Luke Skywalker to his Darth Vader.


It cracks me up when he comes downstairs in some new costume with a deadpan face and totally into his new character, it’s hilarious.

His hulk costume has to be my favourite. Lots of children have asked where it was from and I have not seen another child with it on. The hands are padded foam, a little like boxing gloves. There were some older children at the park this week who loved it so much they were asking Jack to hit them with his gloves. My advice was for Jack to back off from them. I don’t think their mums would have been best pleased to look over and see Jack punching them.

Hulk was from the disney store, they’ve changed the mask since Jack got it for his birthday and its not quite as good but I still love the gloves.

Hulk costume

During the last two years most of Jacks birthday and Christmas presents have been costumes and masks. This is money well spent and creates more play than any other toy that Jack has owned.

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