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Fishers Farm Summer trip

I brought Jack here a few weeks ago and we had a fantastic day. After a tricky weekend with tears and tantrums from both boys I had to get out of the house and have fun being a mum again.

Cody (thing 2) ran off a few times… This presented a few problems when the baby was laid down on the grass having a stretch and Jack was climbing high on the pirate ship. We resorted to the trusty bumble bee backpack and lead. He then knew he had to stay close or wouldn’t be allowed on anything.

Bumblebee backpack

I love this backpack, it is literally saving my sanity at the moment with Cody who makes Usain Bolt look slow.

Fishers Farm is a lovely place with barely any plastic toys in sight. There is something for all children up to about 10.

Fishers Farm

I won’t go back again on my own with all 3 boys on my own until Cody learns not to sprint off in his own direction and by then the baby will be toddling and there will be a whole new set of problems!

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