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Brooklands, Lancing

Paddling pool heaven at Brooklands today. The sun was shining and the water looked clean (well clean enough).

The great thing about Brooklands is that it is free and you only pay for what you go on.

There used to be horse riding, tractor rides and you could pay for these but they have shut down. There is a train which is £1.50 for over 3’s. My middle son is scared of it, we steer clear now!

I arrived unprepared with the 3 boys. Within minutes the baby had projectile vomited onto himself and was covered, ears, eyes and hair…. Not ideal.

I failed on the sandwich front as well as I had only expected to stay for an hour. (One of my first trips out with the 3 together). They were having so much fun that we stayed for 3 hours.

Just as we were fully dressed ready to leave…. Cody jumped back into the pool!

Rubbish cappuccino in the cafe but a free day out with lots of fun and a shallow pool safe enough for me to sit and get my legs out for abit of tanning.

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