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Mammoths Exhibition at Natural History Museum

Dinosaur action in London

Dinosaur action in London

Thursday was my special day with Thing 1 (thing 2 goes to pre school that day). We went to London on the train with thing 3 and I chose the Natural History Museum to visit for the day. We met our friends at Victoria and got the bus towards the museum. The boys thought that the bus trip was brilliant.

The boys livened the bus up with their dinosaur noises.

The boys livened the bus up with their dinosaur noise

My main tip for any parent who hates queuing with young children is to book to see an exhibition within the museum (it was 10 for me and 6 for jack but worth every single penny in the hour we would have spent queuing up, plus seeing the exhibition). I had taken the boys before and we had to queue for over half an hour, this week would have been much longer due to Summer tourists and end of term school trips. We went straight to the front and immediately into the museum.

The mammoth exhibition is bookable by 15 minute slots and when we got inside it was air conditioned and quiet, away from the busy busy halls of the main museum. Thing 1 was very interested in all the large replicas of mammoths and touched everything that he could.

[caption id="attachment_24" align="alignnone" width="225"]Swinging off the tusk Swinging off the tusk

The main restaurant was heaving and the boys had spent their pocket money in the shop, so we grabbed a sandwich from the central small coffee and sandwich stall which was surprisingly good. I had a tasty tandoori chicken wrap and the boys shared a cheese and ham baguette. The good was fresh and they had used quality ingredients. My cappuccino was also good (so important to me due to the usual garbage so many places make).

Ice cream outside

After a brief trip to see the blue whale we went outside and the boys ran around playing dinosaurs in the bushes outside for a good hour before the bus back to Victoria.

This was such a memorable day out and a precious one as well. It’s only 6 weeks until Jack starts “big school” and so we are making good memories every Thursday.

I would really recommend visiting this museum for years to come as there will always be enough to see. It’s free to get in (unless you want to see one of the special exhibitions) and if you take a packed lunch with you, will only cost the price of your transport.

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