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Petworth Park

Petworth Park was so much fun on Saturday. The boys were told we were going on a magical mystery tour (this is a childhood thing that my parents used to tell me, and we never knew until we got there whether that meant Alton Towers or a stately home)!

They moaned at first about walking and Thing 2 insisted on being carried….until we started a race up a big hill.

The boys ran.

Hill walking at Petworth

Hill walking at Petworth

Dad pushed Thing 3 in the buggy and I tried post baby workout running up as fast as I could.

En route we spotted butterflies, dragonflies and lots of swallows.

We found some trees and settled down for a picnic (a baguette that we bought en route for 88p and some ham and coleslaw, this was about 3 pounds for a family of 4 eaters (and Thing 3 the breastfeeder)).

I would recommend this day out for anyone with or without kids but particularly for a family with 3 lively boys.

They were loud, they climbed trees, they played batman and robin and mum and dad were able to sit and chill for a while in the sunshine.


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