The Importance Of Sex In A Healthy Relationship

The act of sex is undeniably the most important part of maintaining human attraction. Simply put, if love does not take its course in the form of sex, the relationship will eventually falter and die. Prior to the sexual act, attraction is the very first step in a relationship. A woman could be likened to a chess move; in order to create a strong checkmate, all the moves need to be well connected. Now when the act of sex comes in, everything has to come in line with the checkmate, or nothing will work out properly.

Sex creates a strong attraction between a man and a woman. The sexual act creates a special emotion in both partners, making everything more special and intense. The intensity of the act depends on how close the couple is, and in an ideal world as the relationship grows, the sex between the two people should intensify and become more emotional and fulfilling.

Even though many couples engage in sex before marriage, the finality and deliberate nature of marriage still forms a solid foundation. Practical considerations have to be weighed with the emotional issues a couple goes through. In addition, the addition of marriage can be the tipping point that gets you and your partner to think more about the act of sex as a way to start or further grow your family, which is always a good thing. The most important issues a couple faces in life is love and infatuation. Infatuation is a emotion that actually changed the lives of several individuals. God forbid they get married and forget love, then what is the point of living.

Just as two people who love each other put themselves first in their daily lives, they should do the same when it comes to having sex. In other words, both men and women should be willing to do whatever it takes to please their partners sexually. For example, a man who truly loves a woman and isn’t only looking out for his own sexual gratification should be willing to focus on her clitoris, one of the many focal points of stimulation outlined by sex toy company Blissful Cherry, to provide her with a greater sexual experience than his penis could provide alone. Taking the time to really tune into their partner’s own sexual needs shows the maturity indicative of a stronger relationship overall.

The most important love lessons are not to engage in love during the period of being ill. In order to appreciate the act of sex as it really is, one must accept the emotion attached with the act. To be able to fully cope with the act, one should be willing to open up and feel all of the emotions associated with the act of sex, not only during the act, but all emotions that precede and follow it too.

On a superficial level, we all know what sex is and think of it as a physical act that quite simply feels good. However, sex is so much more than that, and is truly a staple in any healthy relationship, particularly if you do it properly. If you truly value your overall relationship, then take these moments of genuine intimacy and connect with your partner. Show them that even in the bedroom their needs come before your own. Most importantly, use this time to face and accept the growing emotional connection you and your partner share. Because when the act of sex becomes more than just the physical act, your relationship will surely continue to blossom and grow in a healthy, stable way.